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20+ TOP Betting Affiliate Programs — Best Betting Affiliate Networks of 2022 for Online Money Making

20+ TOP Betting Affiliate Programs — Best Betting Affiliate Networks of 2022 for Online Money Making

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20+ TOP Betting Affiliate Programs — Best Betting Affiliate Networks of 2022 for Online Money Making

Betting affiliate marketing has been making waves for quite some time. People know it as this lucrative way of marketing that generates millions of dollars in a year. Keeping generous and jaw-dropping earnings aside, how does one get into the field of betting affiliate marketing with no prior knowledge of the niche?

Well, that is where we step in with our comprehensive guide to betting affiliates, trends for 2022, and how to get started. So, buckle in and fasten your seatbelts because we are going to take you on a ride to help you understand and memorize all the ins and outs of affiliate marketing.

What Is an Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketers use different ways to promote schemes, offers, and products to ensure that they get the best offers to promote, relevant to the content they produce. And to pull this off, they make use of different affiliate networks.

In short, an affiliate network is a middle point between affiliate marketers and brands. They let marketers search for offers and promote them to a more suitable and wider audience.

For instance, in sports betting, whenever a marketer registers himself for an online sports book affiliate program, it becomes his primary job to send quality traffic to the online sports book. For every traffic that becomes a client, the sports book gives some commission to the affiliate marketer. Marketers can promote bets, games, and events, etc.  

Now that we have established what affiliate networking is, let’s move on to the many ways you can promote your affiliate site to gain more traffic:

How to Promote Your Betting Affiliate Site to Gain More Traffic

Below are some practical ways with which you can promote your betting business:

  • Email Marketing

You get certain links to promote a business when you sign with them as an affiliate marketer. Such connections allow a business to track the leads, and you can do the same if you set up your own business. You can write sales scripts and add links in emails for call-to-action and attract traffic.

  • Website Content

You can run websites and blogs to share betting strategies and tips to help other people improve their skills. You can also promote a new betting business, or your own, by using banner ads, offering products, schemes, and publishing news, information, trends, etc.

  • Reviews

Another way to gain traffic is by publishing reviews about your business to generate awareness and drop the links to your website to generate traffic.

  • YouTube Videos

YouTubers can also help attract traffic by promoting your products in between their videos, posting content around your business or offer, etc.

  • Social Media

Social media is a great way to start as it lets you find and target the right people by using pages, groups, and hashtags. It allows anyone with a betting affiliate site to promote their business and generate traffic.

How Much Do People Earn from Betting Affiliate Programs

People are very interested in betting, in general, even if they don’t consider themselves betters or gamblers. A person spends around $260 per year on average on some type of betting.

The sports betting industry, for example, is said to be worth an estimated $225 billion annually, according to Statista, which is more than the GDP of New Zealand. According to Business Wire, the sports industry is estimated to be worth US$500 billion, and under half of it comes from spectators. Therefore, competitive sports generate $250 billion in turnover yearly.

Online betting affiliates can earn a lot ranging from $10000-$15 000 per month. Yes! People are earning $100 000+ per month.

Some even bigger organizations make seven figures in a month. However, these run like traditional companies with full-time employees and offices and whatnot. So, it is safe to say that hard-working betting affiliates do become millionaires.

Significantly, in the field of sports betting, Newzoo has predicted that there’ll be more than 550 million esport fans by the year 2023. What’s more, in 2019, the average payout for esport tournament winners was a whopping $45 000. That says a lot.

Then comes the gambling affiliates who earn more than £20 000 monthly if they rank well for big search volume keywords.

Super affiliates, on the other hand, earn more than £100,000 monthly profit. They build ginormous branding sites that allow them to earn great commissions.

Moreover, according to Scott Houghton’s research, there has been a significant focus on gambling and betting markets in Great Britain and Australia. According to Gamble Aware, the study highlighted that the industry expenditure on marketing in Great Britain (UK) rose from £960 million in 2014 to a whacking £1.5 billion in 2018. As reported by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, the Australian advertising spend increased over 250% in 2017 to $253 million.

Getting Started With Betting Affiliate Marketing

Now that we know that betting affiliates earn a lot, let’s get started with the process itself:

Step 1: Choose Several Affiliate Programs

It is essential to select the right affiliate programs because your income directly depends on them. Plus, these companies also affect your reputation by how they treat the players you bring to them.

Look for betting affiliate programs that treat players and affiliates well and effectively convert the traffic you bring into real money players.

Step 2: Sign Up For An Affiliate Account

You have to sign up for an affiliate account at different online betting sites to get unique links and start referring players. It doesn’t cost to sign up, and usually, you get approved immediately. All you need to is complete a form, and your account is set to roll.

Your affiliate account will be the foundation of your operations for each program you work with, and it will show you the money you have earned, provide you referral links, give updates, and let you speak with your affiliate manager and search for marketing materials.

Sign up for other betting affiliate programs and create content while you wait for your application’s approval.

Step 3: Get Affiliate Links

Your unique referral links are what you need to become an online betting affiliate. You will publish these links online and share them with your contacts to get credit for referring new clients to the betting site you are working for. You will get credit whenever someone visits the betting site using your unique affiliate link.

Once you get your unique referral link, share it with the world, including friends, family, colleagues, and even strangers, to earn as many referrals as you can. You can also take to social media and post the link online or ask your friends to share it with their contacts.

But the truth is that people have had the most success in history with their websites. So, let’s get you educated on that as well.

Step 4: Make a Basic Plan for Your Website

If you want to excel more, then think about starting your website. Keep in mind that a good website targets a specific niche and offers a central guiding theme. So, decide what your website will specialize in, from betting advice to reviewing betting programs. You can also find websites offering a little bit of everything, but they still have a central theme, such as their content is only for small betters, high rollers, or newbies.

How to Set Up Your First Online Betting Website: Step by Step Guide

Like we said before, the best way to become an online betting affiliate is by running your website because your website works for you and you only. It runs 24/7 and earns cold hard cash for you even when you are asleep or on vacation in the Bahamas. Websites require ongoing work to some extent, but they are still the best way to go as a betting affiliate.

Get Your Materials Ready

What are you going to need to start your betting affiliate website?

You will need two primary but essential things to set up your betting affiliate website:

  • A hosting plan
  • A domain name

What Is aHosting Plan

A hosting plan is essentially a service that you buy that lets you place your website out in the world of the internet. You can purchase a hosting plan for just a few dollars from providers, including GoDaddy, BlueHost, HostGator, etc.

What Is aDomain Name

Well, it is pretty simple. A domain is an address or text that people type when they visit a website on the internet. For instance, if you make a website for betting, your domain name will be www.onlinebettingaffiliatesites.com.

How to Choose Your Domain’s Name

Now, this one is important so pay extra attention.

You can find plenty of in-depth guides online to learn how to pick a domain name, so we will keep it short and straightforward for you. A good-quality domain name boasts three important vital characteristics:

  • It is easy to remember for people who do not know you.
  • It is descriptive (you don’t want to waste time explaining to people why you chose a fancy Latin or French name for your website).
  • It is preferably a .com domain.

As we have mentioned above, keeping your domain descriptive is extremely important, so your visitors can know what the website is about from the domain name. Try including words like “betting” or “gambling.”

Moreover, do not make it too lengthy or intricate, or people won’t remember it. Avoid using hyphens, funny things, such as using “O” instead of a zero, and do not misspell words.

But that does not mean that you should stress about your domain name way too much.

It does not have to be perfect, and it is not as critical as the content you post and the reputation you build as a trustworthy provider of gambling information. So, pay more attention to them.  

Once you have your hosting plan and domain name ready, you just need to follow five simple steps:

  • Step 1: Sign up for a Hosting Plan
  • Step 2: Download WordPress
  • Step 3: Publish Your initial Blog Post
  • Step 4: Publish Your very first unique Affiliate Link
  • Step 5: Study and learn the ABCs of WordPress

Remember, your actual goal is to produce and publish the best high-quality content that attracts visitors to your website. Make sure to place your affiliate links in your content in strategic locations.

Some Famous Super-affiliates to Get You Inspired

In case you are still skeptical about the online betting affiliate market, and you want to know if there has been someone who has earned a substantial amount from this niche, then we have got you covered for that as well. Let’s take a look at some people famous for making fortunes from betting affiliate marketing:

  • Pat Flynn: Pat Flynn is a very well-known affiliate who made his affiliate business skyrocket. He went from earning $8000 every month to earning $100.000 per month.
  • Tom: Tom, who comes from Online Media Masters, spent two years, and he progressed from $20k to earning $150k of annual income.
  • Doug Cunnington: Mr. Cunnington decided to stay loyal to just one niche website, and he earned $70k in just 2017.

However, if you are still not convinced, we have another story for you, stored in our inventory of famous affiliates to get you invested once and for all.

Paruyr Shahbazyan is a well-known affiliate who earns based on the traffic he delivers to online sports betting operators. He and his company were predicted to grow to $6.8 billion by 2020.

Then there is Karim Wilkins, who owns Raketherake and dominated the poker niche. From its inception in 2004 up until mid-2009, his company generated $56 million in rake for his players.

In reality, all these people had to work hard, which is precisely what you need to do. Do not give up and keep working on getting to your desired sums.


And there you have our take on the betting affiliate market, how to nail it, and how to get as much traffic to your website as possible. Now that you know how much money betting affiliates, who work from this niche, earn in a month and a year, and they make a lot, and you know how to set up your website, you need to give it a go as well. It won’t hurt to sign up for a free website and share the unique referral links via emails, messages, and other social media posts. Even if one person signs up because of you, you will get some money.

Besides, betting affiliate marketing is a good way to start especially when you want to move on to even bigger things in the world of affiliate marketing. So, you can even consider it a nice stepping stone for yourself. All you need is a big social circle to share the links with.

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