There is no drinking water about forest out of he Chocos

There is no drinking water about forest out of he Chocos

Goodness understood that ant had it and you will asked their to have specific. She didn’t must tune in. god fasten this lady hips, it is therefore forever slim, therefore the ant exuded the water she stored in this lady belly.

Frogs and you can boys which have axes handled it to have four days and you can five night, nevertheless the forest wouldn’t slip. A beneficial liana left they away from touching a floor.

The newest Bat

The fresh bat went around eden to search for Jesus. He don’t say, “I’m uninterested in getting hideous. Promote me colored feathers.” Zero. The guy said, “Please bring myself feathers, I’m dying from cool.”

Ergo the fresh new bat had this new light feather of your dove and you may new eco-friendly one of many parrot, new iridescent one of the hummingbird, the pink among the many flamingo, the red-colored of cardinal’s tuft as well as the bluish of kingfisher’s straight back, the fresh clayey among the eagle’s wing, in addition to sunrays feather one burns regarding the nipple of the toucan.

The fresh bat, comfort that have colors and you can softness, moved ranging from earth and clouds. No matter where the guy went, air became lovely therefore the wild birds dumb that have appreciation. With regards to the Zapotec individuals, this new rainbow was born of reflect regarding his journey.

The fresh new birds called an event. Along with her they travelled around Jesus. “The fresh bat tends to make fun people,” it complained. “And you may in addition, we think cooler to possess lack of the fresh feathers he took.”

Following day, in the event that bat shook his feathers entirely flight, he instantly turned into naked. A rain away from feathers decrease so you can planet. (tovább…)