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TLDP stresses that everyone provides a good “maladaptive cyclical trend (PCM),” or a primary trend off a difficult relationships

TLDP stresses that everyone provides a good “maladaptive cyclical trend (PCM),” or a primary trend off a difficult relationships

Latest studies have presented enneatypes from inside the positioning with progressive psychodynamic tips that will individuals identify inadequate designs and you may support restorative psychological experiences knowing the fresh new method of in accordance with anyone else. New enneagram concept carries abstract similarity so you’re able to latest psychodynamic medication habits, especially short-term designs eg Time-Limited Vibrant Psychotherapy (TLDP), wherein there clearly was lookup to help with their efficacy, such as for example, improved attachment safeguards , and for the maintenance regarding healing consequences . Hence, so it concept of the fresh new performing of one’s character is synchronous that have the brand new Enneagram idea.

Along with psychodynamic designs for instance the TLDP, new Enneagram could also be useful in intellectual and behavioural ways. Such as, inside the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) , individuals are guided to understand more about its point of views and schemas, also cognitive distortions, that may be connected to unhelpful thinking and the inner circle MobilnГ­ strГЎnka you can practices. Studies have located contacts ranging from Enneagram versions and you may intellectual systems , so understanding the typology away from personality based on this approach assists the individual to discover their cognitive inclinations and you can it is possible to distortions. From inside the Allowed and you can Connection Treatment , among the key requires is to try to slow down the rigid impulse and you can improve mental independence. Likewise, it enables the topic to increase attention to issues you to definitely involve a rigorous technique for according to anyone else, after the inclinations of its archetype. This is exactly sensed a starting point to start dealing with coming down rigorous answers and growing mental independency.

Therefore, from the psychometric position, it actually was thought to perform an important study of the fresh Character Style of Collection According to Enneagram one analyzes this new nine identity representations with regards to the Enneagram [thirteen, 15]. For this reason, this research aims to evaluate the psychometric attributes of introduce enneagram means within the a sample off Peruvian pupils away from fitness sciences to collect adequate proof of authenticity and you may reliability, thus complying on conditions for the particular fool around with such people provided by The standards having Educational and you will Psychological Assessment [step 3,4,33].

Material and techniques

This study is important as it analyzed the new psychometric functions and you will the fresh new variation of a psychological instrument . The analysis try was created upwards out of 1096 Peruvian university students, and that constitutes 520 men (47.4%) and 576 females (52.6%) having age between 20 and 40 years (ME=; SD=3.53). The fresh new simples was basically mostly comprised of therapy people (80.7%), the rests was in fact breastfeeding and you can nutrition children, whose college students belonged so you can a few college facilities regarding Peruvian urban area out of Lima. The complete try is integrated for assessment based on sex and you may many years (20-23, and you can 24-40) with the Bayesian t-decide to try to select those people high variations that have conclusive proof of Bayes basis [BF]> 10.

The brand new PCM identifies habits from attitude into the the brand new self, requirement, and you can attitudes out-of someone else, and you can ways of linked that are dynamically interrelated and you may perpetually impaired dating

The new Character Sort of Directory According to Enneagram (PTIBE) (x) was used. They comprising forty-two circumstances, grouped for the 9 facts (enotypes): perfectionist style composed of circumstances [1-5], assistant [6-9], Achiever [10-15], romantic [16-20], researcher [21-25], devoted [26-29], adventurer [30-33], opponent [34-39] and pacifist [40- 44]. The items get from so you can six (Certainly no, Zero, Partially no, Neither yes nor zero, Partially yes, Yes, Indeed yes). It was yet not decided upon the fresh new testimonial of one’s specialists in the message validation of your own device to modify four style of solutions (Never ever, Almost never, Always, Always).

With the variation of the means, an authorized interpretation process of the first PTIBE items try sent away utilising the interpretation approach “straight back translation” , and this contains converting the shape from English to Spanish and you can, later, retranslating the latest type. away from Foreign-language to English, ensuring brand new equivalence of the interpretation. Next, an excellent concordance study was accomplished anywhere between judging that have experience with the realm of health-related therapy and mental dimensions, to the functions such as quality, relevance, and you will significance of the items concerning make to be examined, whoever V thinking from Aiken had been more than the newest founded minimum [?.70] . Immediately after evidencing the message legitimacy, this new questionnaire was applied to one take to out-of 1096 Peruvian college students away from wellness sciences.

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